eHealth – Reaching universal access to health
22 - 24 October, 2012 - Washington, DC - USA


Honnor Committee

Mirta Roses Periago, director of PAHO/WHO
Ex-Directors of BIREME/PAHO/WHO
Local authorities

International Advisory Committee

Support CRICS9 Organizing Committee through the exchange of experiences and lessons learned related to coordination and organization of previous CRICS

Celia Ribeiro Zaher, CRICS1 y CRICS2, São Paulo, Brasil
Carlos Medicis Morel, CRICS3, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Virginia Siles Rojas, CRICS4, San José, Costa Rica
INFOMED, CRICS5, La Habana, Cuba
Gladys Faba Beaumont, CRICS6, Puebla, México
Márcia G. Rollemberg, CRICS7, Salvador, Brasil
Ilma Noronha, CRICS8, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Scientific Committee

Responsible for the creation of the scientific program of the Congress, which includes defining the themes and subthemes, and identification of speakers specialists or professionals with outstanding experience in the subjects of congressional interest.

BIREME/PAHO/WHO, coordination

Organizing Committee

Responsible for the actions to implement the event such as infrastructure, headquarters and logistics.


Marcelo D’ Agostino, gerente KMC
Adalberto Tardellli, diretor BIREME

Ana Lucia Ruggiero, KMC
David Novillo, KMC
Eliane Santos, KMC
Fabrício Gonçalves, BIREME
Júlio Takayama, BIREME
Lilian Caló, BIREME
Lorely Ambriz, KMC
Marcia Barretto, BIREME
Miriam Piazza
Myrna Marti, KMC
Renato Murasaki, BIREME
Silvia de Valentin
Verônica Abdala

Promotion Committee in Latin America and the Caribbean

Make promotion and dissemination of the congress, resource mobilization and organization of local events

Lorely Ambriz, El Paso, Estados Unidos, coordinación
Andrea Aguila, OPS/OMS en Chile
Susana Hannover, OPS/OMS en Bolivia
Caroline Suarez, OPS/OMS en Colombia
Catalina Ianello, OPS/OMS en Argentina
Lourdes Ramirez, OPS/OMS en Honduras
Roxana Gonzalez, OPS/OMS en Cuba
Marta Bryce, OPS/OMS en Perú


Message of Dr. Mirta Roses


CRICS9 mailing list

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