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22 - 24 October, 2012 - Washington, DC - USA

Guidelines for the preparation and presentation of posters in CRICS9

Deadline for submision: October 10, 2012



Selected posters will be displayed at CRICS9 esclusively like electronic poster in ppt or pdf format

The title of the poster must be identical to the abstract selected for presentation at the Congress.

Below the title (leaving a blank line) in lower font size should contain the names of authors and their institutions. When more than one author, separate them by a semicolon.

The body text should include an introduction, methodology, results and discussion, conclusions, according to the poster abstract submitted for selection.

PowerPoint format (97-2003 or higer):

    • Slide background: Try not to use heavy images on slides background to avoid heavy files that can hinder your submission through the network.
    • Slide Size: Set the page size in a PPT of 25.4 x 14.29 cm (or configuration option: On-screen Display 16:9), orientation of slides: Landscape.
    • Font size: 40pt for the title. For the text it may vary, avoiding font size smaller than 18pt.
    • Tables and graphics: use bold type but avoid italics. The font size should be between 24pt and 36pt.
    • Use italics just to indicate terms in foreign languages.
    • Notes: if needed, the autor explanation should be presented with no more than 100 words.
    • Images: should be in .gif, .jpg or .png formats.
    • The limit should be 10 slides.

Posters in PowerPoint format may be converted to PDF format in order to speed the file transmission and to avoid manipulation after the submission. 

Presentation and Publication of Posters

The posters will be presented exclusively in electronic format by one of the authors on kiosks at the event venue, each one comprised of computer and flat screen TV.

The authors will have 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and / or discussion.

The schedule will be posted on the CRICS9 website ( under the item “Poster session” / “Schedule”.

All selected posters will be published on CRICS9 website (

All authors of selected posters will receive certificates for poster presentation to Congress.

Will be presented only the posters that have at least one of the authors enrolled in Congress.

Authors may submit more than one poster.

By submitting the poster for selection, the authors authorize CRICS9 Organizing Committee and all supporters of the event, publish or disclose the poster at the national, regional and international in all media, not fitting any payment by copyright.


Message of Dr. Mirta Roses


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