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22 - 24 October, 2012 - Washington, DC - USA

Released the list of selected Posters for presentation at CRICS9

On September 12,  CRICS9 released the list of 100 Posters selected by the Evaluation Committee. It was evaluated about 150 abstracts of posters observing the criteria of relevance of the issue for the Congress, and the quality of information. Some numbers to highlight:

  • 21 countries submitted abstracts for posters
  • 16 countries with selected posters: Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, United States, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Switzerland.
  • After Brazil, with 53 posters selected, Colombia has 12 posters, Cuba 8 and Peru 6.
  • The thematic tracks “information for decision making in health” and “Information and communication technologies” tied with 31 selected posters each. On the topic “capacity building” there were 19 selected posters;  on “Telehealth” 14 selected posters and “public strategies and policies”  with 5 posters selected.

All authors who submitted abstracts were notified of the evaluation process result. Authors of selected abstracts will now start preparing the electronic version of the poster for presentation at CRICS9, following defined specifications.

List of approved posters

Guidelines for preparing posters



Message of Dr. Mirta Roses


CRICS9 mailing list

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